We are proud to have clients from all over Melbourne. Most of them have joined Defy Limits through word of mouth and almost anyone who has ever trained with us become a return customer.

Please take a moment to read the testimonials from participants who have taken part in our fitness programs.

Training and Pregnancy

I wanted to continue with my training after I fell pregnant with my third child. Laurie knew exactly what I was able to do throughout the different stages of my pregnancy, and modified my exercises during the sessions.
But what was great was that I still felt part of the group, and wasn’t just forgotten because I had specific restrictions. He spent as much time with me as every other person. His knowledge of what would and would not be good for my body and the baby was exceptional. As with my first two children, I would occasionally have pregnancy-related joint or muscle pain, and was able to talk with Laurie about these and he gave me stretches and exercises to help me. I trained with Laurie for most of my pregnancy, and my recovery from labour has been amazing and, I believe, mostly attributable to keeping as fit as possible in the lead up to birth. I would definitely recommend Defy Limits training and I look forward to getting back into it soon!”

 Catherine S, Croydon Vic

Getting Results

Laurie is an inspiration and has really helped me with my fitness, I feel a million bucks after training every Wednesday night! Laurie is dedicated and will always find ways to help me, especially if I have any injuries or problems with exercises. I have achieved great results over the past 2 years with Laurie as my personal trainer, and they really are visible.”

 Sharon C, Richmond Vic

Making A Difference

Because of Laurie, I have gone from a very overweight couch potato, to completing the 10km Melbourne Marathon, in which I managed to walk and jog in an hour and 19 mins. I am so grateful to you for giving me this experience. I have never met anyone before who shares the same passion for success, health and well being. Its amazing how my student goals have become my teacher, Laurie’s goals. He genuinely wants me to achieve, the very best that I can be.
Laurie, not only puts us through a fitness programme, but he educates us about various exercises, and low cost equipment ,that meet each of our individual goals. He knows exactly where each one of us is at emotionally and thus, just seems to know how hard to push us. So he is challenging our mental blockages at the same time ,which I have found has been enormously beneficial as my negative self talk is beginning to shift. There are no excuses…….face the challenge and just do it.
Laurie likes our bodies just the way they are, even when we don’t. He teaches us to accept and embrace ourselves today . I guess Laurie’s approach is very different from other trainers because he tackles it from a HOLISTIC approach, i.e. mind, body spirit are all inter connected and we must love every part of ourselves unconditionally………yes even if we are 20 kg overweight. IT all boils down to the lifestyle we choose.
It’s the best value for money because its an investment in ones health, well being and lifestyle.”

 Pip R, Ringwood Vic

Sceptic no more…

Aim was to improve fitness, health and body tone. As a initial sceptic, duration period was to be one month, that was 10 months ago. Sceptic no more due to big results in short time frames.
Benefits thus far include weight loss (no 6 pack yet), aerobic improvement, young family involvement, work stress release during program and family training environment. “

 Maurice M, Frankston, Vic

Enjoying the change

I have been part of Laurie’s weekly training sessions since February 2011 and have noticed a great improvement in my fitness and ability to tackle what I thought would be the impossible.
Laurie offers challenging and varied group training sessions for any ability level. He also provides daily homework with exercise routines and stretches to complete at home. Not only will you see results from these sessions but you will also feel the benefits after participating in Laurie’s training classes.”

  Fiona P. Blackburn Sth

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