Defy Limits Kids Fun & Fitness programs

Defy Limits is well placed to offer solutions to both parents and schools with skilled trainers qualified to deliver fitness services to children and adolescents.

Many schools face a lack of space in the playground – therefore our objective is to provide schools with a group fitness based program, which can run during class break times such as lunchtime and after school.

The aim of our programs is to get kids moving, to improve fitness and to give them something to do that is fun, social and active.

Our next program commences in January and February which incorporate games, races, relays and challenges which will work on enhancing motor skills, team building and improving cardio vascular fitness.

It will also teach kid’s games and activities that they can take back into the playground. This is most important for the younger grades, especially in larger schools where interaction with the older children is often limited and the rules to traditional schoolyard games are not necessarily handed down.

Interested? Then email us your details and we will contact you when the dates are confirmed

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