Try these workout routines to really test your fitness.

Program 1 –
40 Sec On, 10 Sec Rest
Set 1
Pop Squat
High Knees
Bear crawl walk outs
Lateral Jumps
Squat down Star Jumps
Set 2     
Plank to Push Up
Jumping Lunges
Jumping Jack
Thigh Slap Jumps
Mt. Climbers
Low Squat Jack
Program 2 –
40 Sec On, 10 Sec Rest
High Knees
Mt Climbers
Ski jump to Sumo jump
Lateral Jumps
Boxing shuffle
Side Step with Jump
Spider Pushups (foot to hand)
Single Leg Jackknife (on back)
Plyo Long Jumps
Jumping Lunges
Fast Feet
Arms out & in front Jacks
Star Jumps
2 Knees + Switchfoot
Program 3 –
40 Sec On, 10 Sec Rest
Get Up & down
Plank position with Jack
Side Lunge with centre jump
Squat Hold Burpee
Push Ups
Russian Twist
Standing leg raise – L/R
Power Curtsy
3 Squat Jacks + Jump
Tricep dips
Punching to the sky
3 Pulse Jumping Lunges
Tricep Dip + Kicks
Up Down Plank
Front Kick + Squat
Split Jump Squat
Fly Jacks
Jump Squats
Program 4 –
50 Sec On, 10 Sec Rest
Jumping oblique twists
Side hip raises – L
Side hip raises – R
Slow bicycle crunch
Lunge jacks
Reaching L/R oblique crunch
Lying on back – toe taps
Swimmer pulse (alternate arm/leg)
Side plank with kick – L
Side plank with kick – R
Flutterkicks on back
Stretch + 5 crunches
Burpee + high thigh slap
Burpee + lvl 3 plank
Burpee + squat
Program  5 – 
Perform 14-12-19-12-14
Jump Squats (quick)
Supine Plank Raise (raise leg and  drop bum to ground)
Thigh Slap Jumps
Burpee (without pushup)
Lunges (each leg)
Front kicks (each leg)
Toe taps (each leg)
Squat with back kick